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1. Cook less meat

Meat is a huge cost and will radically reduce your spending on groceries if you can cut out the amount of frequency with which you eat it.

2. Cook Dried Foods Instead Of Canned

Buy dried beans instead of canned — less sodium and CRAZY cheap! They just take a little more prep, but you will save buckets of cash in the long run.

3. Learn to love eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein and have great health benefits. Reduce your meat intake and increase your egg intake. Bonus points if you have space and can get your hands on some chickens.

4. Use your slow cooker

A great way to save time on cooking and make nourishing and wholesome meals is by utilising a slow cooker. Grab your favourite veggies and some cheaper cuts of meat and you are all set.

5. Buy In Bulk

Many bulk food stores both online and off have great deals on whole foods that are often cheaper when purchased in bulk. Grains, legumes and beans are simple and affordable staples that every pantry should have.

6. Cook In Bulk

Now that you have bought in bulk it’s time to cook in bulk. Using whole foods in bulk drastically reduces your costs and cooking in bulk reduces the time you spend prepping food. Create some recipes that can be cooked in bulk and revel in the time savings.

7. Divide and freeze meat

Making sure meat doesn’t spoil means money saved. Freeze any meat that you think won’t be eaten this week and save the rest for another meal.

8. Portion out the leftovers

If you have made some amazing kitchen creations but have leftovers why not freeze them in portions for future meals? Just grab one out of the freezer as you need and you have an affordable take-out solution.

9. Buy In-season produce

Keep an eye out for the price of your favourite fruit and vegetables. People rarely realise that out of season produce can get very expensive. Pink lady apples for example recently tripled in price. Take note of what you are happy to pay and avoid overpriced seasonal items.

10. Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals means you are far more likely to be more cost-effective. Determine a budget for the meals you plan to cook and then shop around for the best prices on ingredients.

11. Sign up for store memberships or discount cards wherever you go grocery shopping

ALWAYS sign up for a store discount card (and along with that, have zero brand loyalty). Oftentimes, grocery stores will run sales on their merchandise, regardless of whether or not it’s generic store brand or brand name, so it really pays to look

12. Shop based on which groceries are on sale

Always set a budget and try to meal plan according to what’s on sale at the grocery store this keeps the meals fresh and the ingredients cheaper.

13. Shop At Specialized Stores

Things like spices and dried peppers are always cheaper at Mexican or Indian grocers (and sold in larger quantities!), Asian markets with butchers or meat freezer sections have better deals on less desirable cuts to make soup stock or throw in a stew.

14. Don’t Impulse-buy groceries

The hardest part of saving money is buying in bulk and resisting the grocery store after work, but when you make a weekly visit as opposed to more often, you can save a lot.

15. Shop In The Evening

Shopping later in the evening when stores will be trying to get rid of perishable foods. You will often see deals on significantly marked down produce and baked goods.

16. Make your own sauces, dressings, and seasonings

Practice your inner Jamie Oliver and get the most out of your bulk food purchases by cooking your own sauces and marinades. Hello, flavour country!

17. If you can, grow your own vegetables

Nothing helps keep the costs down as a veggie patch. If you cant grow vegetables try growing your own herbs instead.

What about you? Do you have any money-saving tips for reducing meal costs? Let us know in the comments below. We are always happy to hear how you are saving money and would love to chat about how you can apply these changes to your own financial life.

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