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Wedding costs can add up fast – Stress less with a personal loan tailored to your special day!



We’ll ensure your loan is processed and with you long before your big day, giving you more time to organise and less time to worry.



Bee Sure will discuss all loan terms and conditions with you. You’ll know exactly where you stand and what your obligations are.



With us you won’t be required to put up a security in order to be approved. Leaving your valuables in the safety of your hands.

Wedding Loans

Let Bee Sure Lead The Way!

Let us do all the heavy lifting! With over 10 years experience, we’ll ensure your special day is truly special – Stress Free!

Why You Should Choose Bee Sure

Bee Sure Financial is a family owned and run business who specialise in financial services for both consumer and commercial clients. With over 10 years of lending experience, we have the expertise to help you obtain a fantastic outcome for your big day.

We see ourselves as a forward looking company, filled with passionate financial professionals who are here to help with your next purchase – and to help you not get stung!

Your journey with bee sure

1. Your Application

Tell us all about you, your wedding plans, and what you need to make the dream come true!


This is where we get to know you and your needs to provide you with the best result.

2. Your Loan Terms

Next you’ll receive a indicative quote for your car, including information on your interest rate, repayments limits and more.

1. Dream Come True!

Once you’ve accepted the quote, its time to celebrate!


Your loan will be funded within a couple of days and your wedding is one step closer.

Common wedding loan questions

You must be 18 years or older and an Australian citizen to apply. Approval is based on and subject to the loan criteria. Contact us today so that we can discuss your eligibility.

Your wedding loan is only intended to cover the costs related to your purchase, up to the maximum amount approved.

As long as the value of the loan is not exhausted, you could even offset the cost of your honeymoon with the remaining amount.

Repayments will be subject to the terms and conditions of the loan. The payback period will commence once the money has reflected in your account.

Extending a loan is not always a viable option. Make sure you account for all costs you may incur so that the loan amount covers your expenses.

Minimal penalties for early repayments apply. So the faster you repay the loan the more money you save!


Wedding Loans

As we all know, weddings are not cheap. The average Australian Wedding can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 – A fixed rate loan can really help take the edge off!

But not all loans are created equal, and its important that you understand the pros and cons to each. Our goal is give you the best day of your life and not cause you unneeded worry with debt or financial stress. Here are some important loan terms that you need to be familiar with before making a decision.

Fixed and variable rates

When it comes to loans you will often hear the terms fixed and variable used to describe interest rates. A variable rate can change according to the cost of borrowing money. This means that if the cash rate increases so does your interest rate. Alternatively if it drops, so does your cost of borrowing.

A fixed interest rate, will be a value that doesn’t change over the lifetime of the loan. It is immune to the volatility of the market. –
This is the Rate we’re offering you!

Secured Loan

The value of a secured loan is usually guaranteed through the worth of an item that you possess that is financially significant. That security will usually take the form of a fixed asset such as a house, business or even shares.

If you do not honour the terms of the loan contract, these assets will then be liquidated in order to offset the outstanding amount due to the lender. Even though this may seem extreme, secured loans can often have lower rates, which makes them attractive to potential borrowers.

Loan terms

A loan term is pretty self explanatory. It encompasses the complete length of time between onset of debt and the eventual date of settlement. The longer the loan term is, the lower your monthly repayment will be. On the other hand, the shorter it is, the lower the total repayment amount will be. The biggest difference between repayment periods, is the cost of borrowing and its affordability.

Unsecured loan

An unsecured loan is a product whereby the lender takes on risk in lieu of the lendee. This is beneficial, as the risk associated with lending money is decreased. The lender does not require a security as a condition of the loan. This means upon default of the terms and conditions, there will be no asset forfeiture.

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What our customers say

Sean Marsh

Ben is a gun at what he does. He was recommended by a friend and had the loan processed lighting fast. I have had dozens of loans over the years, and without doubt, Ben has been the easiest to deal with thus far. I would completely recommend Ben to anyone considering financing a purchase and will use his services again for sure!

Sean Marsh

Kim Atkins

Huge thanks to Ben from Bee Sure Financial. He was able to secure funding to purchase a company vehicle. The whole process was extremely painless and Ben did all of the hard work. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ben and team to anyone looking to finance their next vehicle or business loan.
Thanks heaps 😊

Kim Atkins

Patria Stroud-Watts

I have just purchased my dream car with help from Ben at Beesure Financial. Ben made the purchase seamless from the very first phone call and was always so helpful throughout. He was very professional and his experience was evident. I was so happy knowing that I could be confident Ben had my back. He is honest and genuine and worked so hard to ensure a quick purchase. Thank you so much Ben and Beesure Financial – you deserve great success.

Patria Stroud-Watts

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