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With over 10 year’s experience providing loans for cars, bikes, boats, trucks and many other assets. If you are looking for funding for any purchase, personal or business, get in touch and we can let you know how we can help. 

No matter the type of purchase you are looking at we will have a solution for you. In many cases we have the ability to either streamline or verify your purchase and speaking to us prior is always advised. 

A secured loan means that the finance company uses the asset as security against the loan. The Lender is then able to provide a wide range of products such as New & Used Car Loans for Personal or Commercial use, Low/No Doc Car Loans, and more, which have the greatest flexibility and rates due to the finance company having a lower risk.

An unsecured personal loan is a loan where the bank doesn’t take any security. This is suitable for all general purpose money needs such as fixing your car, a holiday, paying off current debt (credit cards), etc. 

Yes! In many cases it can be a great strategy to not only give you peace of mind and confidence through the process of your purchase but it can also strengthen your negotiations. With just an idea of the purchase price and a standard application we can start get you a pre approval in no time!

Every application will differ and we regularly see approvals within a few hours. For more complicated applications more time will be required. With advancements in technology and the ability to send, receive and sign everything electronically, this process has never been quicker! 

With access to over 30 lenders and  in-depth knowledge of their unique policies and guidelines, the team at Bee Sure Financial will endeavour to find the right lender that can approve your application. Just because you were unsuccessful once doesn’t mean we don’t have the right solution! 

Yes. Bad credit ratings or ex-bankrupt applicants general suit 2nd chance loan products that we have available. The 2nd chance options can often result in an approval however the interest rate is generally higher to cover risk. 

Depending on the type of loan you are applying for the requirements can be quite different. A standard vehicle loan application would start with;

-100 Points of ID (License, Medicare, Passport)

-Proof of Income (2 Recent payslips, Tax Return, 3 Months Bank Statements, Centrelink Income Statement)

-Proof of Residence (licence with current address, Rates notice, Rental/Tenancy Agreement, utilities bill)

Let us get your finances sorted!

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