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1 Individual Details
2 Residential Details
3 Income / Expenses
4 Assets
5 Liabilities
6 Spouse Details

If renting please fill out the below...

Home Property Owned Outright?
Investment Property 1 Owned Outright?
Investment Property 2 Owned Outright?
Motor Vehicle Owned Outright?
Recreational Assets Owned Outright?
Plant & Equipment Owned Outright?
Shares/Trusts/Managed Funds Owned Outright?

*If not owned outright please ensure that
corresponding liability fields are filled correctly

Personal Loan Payout
Plant & Equipment Loan Payout

Are there any foreseeable changes to your circumstances that could impact on your financial situation (for example, retirement plans, seasonal employment, changes under your other loan arrangements, expecting a child)?
Have all the loans in your name (regardless of whether the repayments are made by you or not) been disclosed in the liabilities section of this application?

Spouse's Monthly Income

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