Bee Sure Financial

Bee Sure Financial is a family owned and run business who specialises in financial services for both consumer and commercial clients. With over 10 years of lending experience, we have the expertise to help our clients obtain a fantastic outcome for any asset purchase.

Founded by Ben and Emily Elphick in 2020 Bee Sure Financial is a family owned and run business. Ben specialises in all things finance and will handle your application from start to finish. Emily or “Queen Bee” as she’s often called in office handles customer care and satisfaction. Treating all clients like family at Bee sure Financial you will always receive friendly and professional service.

At Bee Sure Financial we believe whether you’re a baker, broker or candle stick maker, customer satisfaction is the foundation for all good business. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service every day to every customer.

We can assist with financing just about anything from vehicles, boats and trucks to excavators and bulldozers. From start to finish we can guide you through the whole process and even assist in obtaining a better deal on your purchase price.

So if you or anyone you know are looking at a new purchase make sure you give the team at Bee Sure a call.

We see ourselves as a forward looking company of passionate financial professionals with the relevant experience to match.

Our Core Values


Nothing creates more stress and uncertainty than not knowing or understanding what’s happening with your application. From first contact Bee Sure Financial will keep you informed and up to date. 


Hidden fees and even interest rates has plagued the finance industry for decades. Bee Sure Financial takes the time throughout the process to make sure you fully understand your financial agreement.


We treat your information like our own and take every measure to ensure the safety of your personal information.

Professional Service

With years of lending experience and access to a wide range of bank and non bank lenders we provide the most professional service tailored to your needs.


Bee Sure Financial simply loves finance and it's what gets us out of bed in the morning! We want to see our customers achieve the best outcomes and receive industry leading service.


Is finance complicated? Is it boring and mundane? Most people would say YES, at Bee Sure Financial we simplify the process and speak your language.

Let us get your finances sorted!

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